CIT (Counselors in Training) Program

  • Our CIT (Counselors in Training) program is the final step for our campers, age 14, before becoming eligible to join the staff as a Junior Counselor. This program provides a tremendous learning situation for young teens as they assist and share experiences with our Senior Counselors.
  • This “in training” program is designed for the camper who is beginning to learn how to work with children. A CIT must come to camp with a real interest in taking on the additional responsibility of being an integral part of the counselor team.
  • In order to give the CIT a variety of experiences, their assignment will change throughout the summer. Director and Counselor staff will also provide weekly training opportunities for Counselors in Training to facilitate their transition from a camper to staff mentality.
  • Although still considered a staff “in training”, the CIT will be assigned to assist all day throughout the season with a group or at a specialty.  
  • As this program is a tremendous learning experience for those 14 year olds who would like to be considered for a Junior Counselor position in future summers, those entering 9th grade must attend a minimum of 1 week (5 full days).  
  • All CITs are required to attend a staff orientation with the junior and senior counselors. Details will follow.
  • Cost for the CIT program can be seen on the Baba Sports Camp tuition page.